About Us


Yokohama Batteries is the leading local automotive battery manufacturer in Malaysia. Our main products are premium batteries (providing a full range of products from passenger-sized vehicles to commercial-sized vehicles), and their positioning is premium yet affordable. Yokohama produces advanced motive power solutions for electric material handling equipment like electric forklifts and reach trucks. We also supply golf buggy batteries, stationary industrial batteries, battery management systems and a range of related accessories and solutions.

Yokohama Distribution Services (YDS) records over 10,000 points of sales domestically, serving thousands of automotive shops nationwide through sixteen strategically placed distribution hubs across Malaysia.

The company also exports their products to over 40 countries, and is enjoying an enjoying an increasing global presence. What gives Yokohama the edge over its competitors in a power hungry world? Three things:- Uncompromising quality, cutting-edge research and development and a relentless commitment to sustainabilty.


Tai Kwong Yohohama was founded in 1967 when the business humbly revolved around the reconditioning of used automotive starter batteries. Today, YOKOHAMA Industries Berhad boasts the nation's largest and most advanced integrated battery manufacturing facility, self-sufficiency and security in raw material supply via its lead and polypropylene reclamation plant, one of the finest electrochemical research centres in the region , and more recently, official recognition as the Best Brand in Automotive Batteries.

Yokohama Batteries' products are designed for promising quality for all types of vehicles, from passenger vehicles such as sedans, continental vehicles and more, to commercial vehicles like trucks, vans, lorries etc. They have two types of batteries: MF and conventional.MF batteries are a rising trend due to the convenience factor. Yokohama Batteries GOLD Series symbolizes the 'premium' factor from the box, which is gold. For all their printed packaging, the Yokohama logo is highlighted to emphasize brand recognition. The 'Y' symbol is instantly recognizable, even at a distance.The battery casing for Yokohama Batteries is designed to prevent imitation, and the overall structure is specially-made for tropical climates, especially Malaysia. It also complies with export requirements.



  • Yokohama Batteries has been in Malaysia since 1967
  • Yokohama Batteries will turn 50 in 2017!
  • You can find Yokohama Batteries in 40 countries around the world
  • Yokohama batteries have the most extensive customer shop base