The YOKOHAMA Centre for Electrochemical Research (CER) is a division of Yokohama Batteries dedicated to enhancing self-reliance in lead-acid battery and recycling technologies while undertaking design and development duties, leading to the production of world class products and services that exceed the needs and requirements of customers, vehicle manufacturers, as well as national and international standards. The team is comprised of a progressive mix of experienced researchers and enthusiastic youths across the industry, ensuring well-rounded views and findings.

Facilities are further enhanced with the latest equipment including metal analysers, a climate chamber, a 3-axis vibration tester, along with full-fledged electrical and chemical laboratories. Research & Development strives for excellence in all areas of electrochemical science, including but not limited to development of advanced technologies, processes, materials, components, sub-systems, finished products and services. Recently developed advances include Thin Metal Film (TMF) research, Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) batteries and the continual upgrade of grid alloys that translate to enhanced battery life, negligible water loss and improved production processes.

The CER also leads and facilitates joint research programmes with universities, institutions and industries to ensure that YOKOHAMA maintains its position at the forefront of Malaysian and global technologies. 

  • Technology mapping and value engineering initiatives.
  • Research, design, development and demonstration and facilitation of implementation initiatives.
  • Setting of standards, specifications and performance parameters at par or exceeding that of international benchmarks.
  • Management of intellectual properties and patents.