To secure and consolidate our position as the leader in lead acid battery manufacturing in Malaysia, and embed ourself as a significant player in the ASEAN region.



To attain business growth, focusing on our core competency and achieve the highest possible quality and efficiency in battery manufacturing.

Our Highlight Product

Yokohama Beta Series, brought to you by Yokohama Batteries Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tai Kwong - Yokohama Battery Industries), the largest manufacturer of Automotive Batteries in Malaysia.

Yokohama Beta Series Battery


  1. Double handles provides maximum comfort during fitment
  2. Beta alloy ensures more than 100K Km without water additions and higher shelf life
  3. Beta alloy is suitable for all terrain conditions. Instantaneous cranking even in sub zero temperature
  4. Unique paste formula ensures high power output and reduces negative paste shrinkage
  5. Side wall reinforcement ensures less vibration impact on plates
  6. Wide band width operating voltage
  7. Quick Charge acceptance and higher life cycle ensures more service life